Extra Bitter Irish Coffee

Love the taste of chicory and pecans? A fan of extra bitter cocktails? Just looking for a way to spice up your nightcap routine without adding cream & sugar?! Look no further… our Chicory Pecan bitters are the PERFECT solution for you. Our bitters are no sugar added – meaning they’ll add all the flavor and none of the guilt. Recipe below is for our favorite Irish Coffee.

We also want to shout out our local coffee roasters. We regularly partner with Congregation Coffee (they custom blend the coffee used to make these bitters!), but we also regularly partner with MOJO Coffee and love our friends at Cherry Coffee, too. Please support small businesses whenever you can – in this time of social distancing, it really makes a difference.

Extra Bitter Irish Coffee (Featuring Good Food Award winning Chicory Pecan Bitters)
Makes one cocktail
• 6 oz piping hot black coffee (we use Congregation, but any quality black coffee will do)
• 1 Tbsp El Guapo® Chicory Pecan Bitters
2 oz Bushmills 10-year Single Malt
• Cream & raw cane sugar (if desired)

In a coffee mug, combine whiskey, bitters and hot coffee. Stir to combine. Add cream and raw cane sugar prior to serving if desired.

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