Holiday Old Fashioned

Cheers to making it through another week of this crazy. All of this has us thinking of the holidays and how great it will be to actually BE together again. Enjoy our traditional Holiday Old Fashioned, or switch up the bitters for Polynesian Kiss for a more summer-y take on this classic.

Holiday Old Fashioned
Makes one cocktail
• 3 oz bourbon (we used @13thcolony)
• .5 oz El Guapo® Creole Orgeat
• 8 dashes El Guapo® Holiday Pie Bitters
• 1 large rock
• 2 Luxardo cherries, yard flowers and leaves, to garnish

In a lowball, combine bitters, syrup & bourbon. Stir to combine & place one large rock in glass. Garnish with cherries & any other desired accoutrements. We chose yard flowers & a tropical leaf… because optimism.

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