Desert Island Margaritas

I interrupt our beach themed quarantine cocktails to bring you a delicious and beautiful margarita created by our friend Jess, The Sauceress. This is about as tiki as a margarita can get and we’re not mad at it. Try one and let us know what you think!

Desert Island Margaritas
Makes 2 cocktails
2.5 oz Coconut Tequila ( we used @1800tequila)
1 oz Triple Sec
1.5 oz guava purée
1.5 oz Pink Coconut Water (we used @harmlessharvest)
1.5 oz key lime juice
4 dashes El Guapo® Polynesian Kiss Bitters

Rim glass with Lime flavored sugar using a lime wedge. Regular sugar works too! Add a few large cubes of ice. Pour all ingredients straight into glass, stir, squeeze in lime wedge and add it or discard, top with bitters.

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