Holly Jolly Christmas-tini


We love a holiday celebration just as much as the next person… You can serve this cocktail in any glassware, but a clear ornament is by far the most festive vessel. We recommend using plastic (safety first!), look for these wherever ornaments are sold. We’ve had luck finding them at local gift shops, Target and more.

Holly Jolly Christmas-tini
x The Sauceress
Makes approximately 8 servings
• 1.5 cups Coconut rum
• .75 cup Pomegranate juice
• .5 cup El Guapo® Candy Cane Syrup
• .5 cup Freshly squeezed lemon juice
• Paper straws & shaved ice, for a snowy garnish

Combine all ingredients. Stir and then refrigerate long enough to chill. When ready to serve, use a small funnel and ladle to pour into plastic Christmas ornament ‘glasses’, finish off with a festive paper straw and shaved ice as a snowy garnish if desired. CHEERS!

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