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Bloody Southern Caesar

Created by our friend and Emmy award winning chef Lara Lyn Carter, this take on a classic Bloody Mary is perfect for entertaining friends over the 4th! Fun Fact: Lara Lyn was our childhood dance teacher.

• 1 Tsp. celery salt
• 1 Tsp. coarse salt
• 3 Bacon slices
• 2 oz. 13th Colony Southern Vodka
• 7 dashes El Guapo® Crawfish Boil or Gumbo bitters
• 2 drops of Worcestershire
• Hot sauce to taste
• 4 oz. Clamato juice
• Limes, for rim of glass + garnish


To make rim salt + garnish, sprinkle half the celery salt onto bacon & cook until crispy. Reserve two pieces of bacon for garnish & crush the third with the remaining salts to create “bacon” rim salt.

Coat the rim of each glass with lime & dip into bacon rim salt. Fill glasses ¾ full with ice. Pour vodka over ice & add Worcestershire, bitters, hot sauce + juice. Garnish with bacon + lime wedges just before serving.

Carnival Bloody Mary

Winner: 2018 New Orleans Bloody Mary Festival! A great drink for brunches, tailgates and home gatherings, watch us whip one up!

Carnival Bloody Mary
2oz Vodka (We used St. Roch, but any quality vodka will do)
4oz Bloody Mary mix (just use your favorite or make your own!)
El Guapo® Crawfish Boil bitters
Worchestershire sauce
Hot sauce

Fill a highball glass or plastic go cup with ice. Add vodka and top with your favorite Bloody Mary mix. Splash in El Guapo Crawfish Boil bitters, Worchestershire and hot sauce to taste. Stir well. Garnish with pickled okra, olives, lemon zest & other savory lagniappe. Go forth and march on!